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I write about various issues, mostly related to mental health. I am a certified peer specialist in Milwaukee, WI

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Facepalm: thanks for sharing your hateful memes

Facepalm: thanks for sharing your hateful memes

The various progressive and free thought facebook groups I belong to are filled with people focused on something they call facepalming, which is based upon finding all the memes the object to from their religious or conservative friends and sending them to other progressives or humanists. look at how silly my religious friends are, blah, blah, they think some sky daddy is going to save them if…

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5 years on wordpress

5 years on wordpress just sent me as notice I have been ruining their site for 5 years now, since about 1 year into president Obama’s first term. People can’t wait to see him. Guys are climbing over the fence at the White House trying to get a glimpse at President Obama.

Reporters camp out trying to find out what he’s going to say, wondering whether he’s going on vacation and will he endorse Hillary…

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Guest Blog: mentally ill prisoners on lockdown

Guest Blog: mentally ill prisoners on lockdown

I have written about news coverage exposing crimes against people with mental illness so I was shocked to see this story on Huffington post. This is not mental health treatment. See for yourselfes

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Are you really a bipolar hot mess or are you just happy to see me?


One of the things I educate people about in my role role as a certified peer specialist is that we are all so much more than any diagnosis we may have been labeled with years ago. We talk about the importance of person first language to remember who we were before meeting the mental health system. We were brothers, friends, lovers, aunts and uncle long before.

prozac nation

These pictures in this blog entry…

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Not today, Satan

I was just thinking about the times when my family and I have been forced to say the most meaningful words anyone could ever say: not today, Satan.

  • In 1963, we were loading up the cars tlo go bury my hated stepfather, who we had previously made a deal with Satan to take with him. We felt terrible because we had invited Satan to help us in our time of need only to realize there was not enough room…

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Help me re-enter the mainstream!

Help me re-enter the mainstream!

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At the Recovery Advisory Committee meeting Thursday I made a brief speech about the Milwaukee Mental Health Summit last week. For me the most exciting part of the event was discussing ways in which people with mental and emotional problems can be assisted in re-entering mainstream. I said, “people don’t want to be seen as patients their whole lives. They want to have fun, go bowling or to a…

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This American Life creates traffic

This American Life creates traffic

I have written about 2 stories featured om This American Life, one of my favorite public radio programs. It reaches more than 2 million people each week and its host is Ira Glass and produced by WEBZ public radio. It was the built on the simple power of storytelling and is able to look at several stories linked a them each week. The two stories that gripped my attention were about Adrian…

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Governor Walker is Full of shit →

Governor Walker is Full of shit →

A not so simple majority: from this American Life

A not so simple majority: from this American Life

I just listened to a powerful story from the public radio program This American Life about the East Ramapo school district in New York State. The area’s demographics had changed as a result of increasing numbers of Orthodox Jews moving in and eventually voting to take over the school board. At the same time, this insular community did not educate their children in public schools but sent them to…

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