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I write about various issues, mostly related to mental health. I am a certified peer specialist in Milwaukee, WI

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Dark Girls


I just finished watching a movie called Dark Girls on you tube and it made me think of the two most important African-American women in my life. They are my mother and my older sister. And they have remained my constant through times of grief, despair, self-doubt and triumph. We have grown older together. It was that background that I brought to the movie along  with a history that included…

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Lessons from the Gaza War

Lessons from the Gaza War




This is ridiculous and it needs to stop.

Originally posted on Desertpeace:

Still, the persistent false narrative that military strikes by either the United States or Israel may follow any potential failure to reach a deal continues to be repeated in the press. Of course, the fact that any such attack would be unequivocally illegalunder international law is rarely noted in these…

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How not to treat someone

How not to treat someone


I had an interesting experience during a training session on Good Clinical Documentation at Milwaukee County On our handout were examples of notes that might have been written regarding case managers encountering mental health consumers. The notes included plenty of low hanging fruit with egregious examples of opinions stated as if they were facts. The case manager was supposed to be doing a lot…

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I was a Willowbrook youth worker

I was a Willowbrook youth worker

One of my first adult jobs after leaving the US Army was at the notorious Willowbrook State School on Staten Island. It was an institution for people with developmental disabilities. If you google Willowbrook you will find that it had been exposed by Geraldo Rivera when he was a reporter. On television and in a a book he tore the lid off a pattern of neglect and mistreatment. We need to protect…

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Crooks buying crap

I just read an eye-opening story about the seedy world of debt collection in the New York Times. It  was enlightening to learn about the shady practices of this industry of bottom feeders who are making big profits on the backs of poor people. Those who became over-extended, lost jobs, grew old became ill or otherwise lost their ability to pay their bills.

A lot of the story focused on some…

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Team Dark Skin



There have always been dark and lovely people since, after all, our earliest ancestors were Africans. But people of white skin have long-held the dominant positions in the world. Until very recently Africans throughout the diaspora lacked political and economic power. Thus it was not surprising that those who were the darkest were often ridiculed. Throughout the world we have devised…

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Going riding in a pink cadillac

Going riding in a pink cadillac

Two months ago one of our consumers announced that his birthday was during the state fair and he wanted to celebrate by attending an Aretha Franklin concert. Now it is almost midnight and the concert is long over. Aretha is probably is an airplane and one happy man is in bed. I assisted with this in my role as a peer specialist and a fan of Aretha. There’s nothing that says recovery needs to be…

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It’s time to DASH

It’s time to DASH

I have been trying to cope with my blood pressure over the years with a variety of medications. The meds keep coming, my weight keeps rising and my blood pressure still never got to be where I wanted it to be. I wanted something better. After going to the VA so many years I decided to try a new doctor. It was a pleasant surprise when my blood pressure came in very well at my first appointment.…

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Complimenting workers

I was at the Brady street festival Saturday with my companion and another friend. We were looking for food and that area has plenty of restaurants. My friend had been looking for a brat but I was running on empty so I needed to go to the first place available. We ended up at a place with burritos and such. It was a very interesting experience. We were seated so that we could check out the crowd…

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