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I write about various issues, mostly related to mental health. I am a certified peer specialist in Milwaukee, WI

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Wherever you go

My former girl friend had a favorite saying, wherever you go, there your are. The saying stuck with me long after our relationship had ended and I found that it came from a book. Gee, wiz, who knew Google had existed since 1941?

When I got to almost any place related to mental health, I meet someone who knows me and may have been a co-worker or a person who I assisted. I had an experience like…

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Governor Walker is Full of shit →

TLS: building community on the backs of low wage peer support?

TLS: building community on the backs of low wage peer support?

There is a large employer in Milwaukee County that contracts to run the Crisis Resource  Center and several apartment programs called TLS: Transitional Living Services.  I was part of the crew that opened the Crisis Resource Center under a peer services contract with Our Space, Inc. and it was a horrible way to make a living. The clinical staff whined the second that peer support appeared to…

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Meeting Roshi

Thursday night I met with a man named Roshi at a local coffee house. I had called him the night before after finding a flyer about the Milwaukee County Board passage of a new living wage law covering agencies contracting with Milwaukee County. The law requires companies to pay workers at least 100% above the federal poverty line. Indexed to inflation, it will ensure that wages don’t fall behind.…

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Death has visited once more

Death has visited once more

When I was having dinner with my sweetheart last night I found myself being pulled away to a couple of tragic events. There was a shooting rampage at Ft. Hood, Texas by a soldier who was being treated for signs of mental illness. I was especially shocked because I am a veteran and unfortunately Ft. Hood had experienced a similar tragedy not long ago.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan a policeman walked…

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Governor Walker is Full of shit

Governor Walker is Full of shit

I’m certain that many of my friends have reached the same conclusion as me regarding the head of Wisconsin government. I watched disgusted as he talked about his so-called tax cut providing real relief for people like me. I have slept through a few of these deals and I knew the drill. The compliant mainstream media would be caught up in the hoopla and in their 2 minute news window we would hear…

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Stand with Disability Rights Wisconsin

Stand with Disability Rights Wisconsin

Disability Rights Wisconsin is the organization designated the state to defend the rights of people who are living with disabilities. They employ attorneys and advocates, conduct investigations  and speak out on public policy issues. It is fervently non-partisan. Many of the people employed by Disability Rights Wisconsin are living with disabilities so this is an organization that talks and walks…

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Minute by minute

Minute by minute

Tonight at the restaurant celebrating Mom’s 90th birthday I reminded my Uncle Jimmy of the time he had played the Doobie brothers song Minute by Minute years ago fore some younger guys like me as we sat in his car outside the house. He was feeling cool and enjoying playing the role. He likes that part of the successful uncle, married to the same woman and raising children with her. Now he lives…

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Don’t it make you want to go home?

Don’t it make you want to go home?

My nephew Kyle is kissing his son Brandon in the living room. Mom is getting dressed and my sister Chris is shopping. I had gone to the store a while ago and returned with Howling Wolf, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, the Drifters and more. It is the day after my mother’s 90th birthday And a day of travel for me that I would not wish on anyone.

It began with my sweet Lizzy dropping me off at the…

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I have been re-certified as a peer support specialist by the State of Wisconsin. This is a testament to my hard work over the past 2 years. Becoming certified was a major step in my life and brought about all kinds of rewards. It’s the kind of thing you guard very carefully. When you think of where you’re going and what you have accomplished, you have that rock upon which you can build. I have…

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